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About Us


The Gaysian is a website that seeks to collect all information relevant to the lives of gay Asians (Hereon forth referred as gaysians). Hopefully through our light-hearted articles we will have been able to improve the lives of gaysians- or if not many, at least one. It is here that we will explore the things that gaysians like, want to like, should like and should know.

As you guys have noticed, all articles that you find here may not necessarily have any correlation to the gay lifestyle- because in the end, being gay is something that is part of someone’s identity but it doesn’t define who they are.

Our Team

We are always looking for writers willing to share things with our small community. If you’re interested in joining our team, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our current team consists of:

New Yorker, 25-30 Age Range, Asian, Single
A native New Yorker who lives a third of his time in Hong Kong and the rest in New York. Ekin is always finding himself roaming in strange new territories all the time and always trying to figure ways to figure out solutions to messes.

San Franciscan, 30-35 Age Range, Asian, In a Relationship
A Californian that specializes in law, Mario is a well-rounded person with lots of connections and lots of stories.

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