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Jan 28 2009 | No Comment

Note: Videos shown are all public domain videos found on Youtube.com. If you find your video linked here and would like it taken down, please contact us immediately.

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Jan 27 2009 | No Comment
Hong Kong

For the gaysian that enjoys travel, a trip to not miss is definitely a trip to Hong Kong. Touted as the pearl of the orient, Hong Kong is a vibrant Chinese city that showcases a type of energy that cannot be emulated elsewhere in China.
Most people who know Hong Kong, know that it’s smart to go to Hong Kong with an empty suitcase… because coming back, you’re bound to completely fill it up. Exactly what is there to buy? For starters, clothing. HK boasts clothing shops at practically every corner …

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Jan 19 2009 | No Comment

The Chunai BBS website (纯爱社区) can be considered as mainland China’s largest gaysian online community. Due to the nature of content and the strict rules of China, Chunai had constantly moved around to different servers all around the world. It moved around so much that it had even created a MSN Space to have a centralized place for users to know where to go if they had mysteriously disappeared.
In it’s golden days, Chunai was the place for mainland Chinese gaysians to share stories, media and fiction as well as also …

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Counting from 1 to 10 With One Hand
Jan 18 2009 | No Comment
Counting from 1 to 10 With One Hand

For those that would find themselves traveling to Chinese regions such as China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, learning how to count from 1 to 10 by hand the Chinese way should come in handy in situations like at the market or at a restaurant.

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Seungri (of Big Bang)
Jan 15 2009 | One Comment
Seungri (of Big Bang)

If there is a guy that has caught our attention, it is definitely Korea’s Seungri. Part of the popular boy band “Big Bang,” Seungri proves that he has tricks of his own by releasing a solo single called Strong Baby. It’s been a while since I have drooled while watching Youtube, but in this instant I think I’m quite justified. Quite a lot of sexy and hotness in the Strong Baby music video, if you haven’t seen it yet make sure to watch it!

Hey sexy (Crack crack crack crack)
Tonight you …