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Nov 26 2008 | No Comment
Applying Toner

The gaysian knows that before you moisturize your face you should always apply toner so that your skin can absorb the moisturizer better. Here are some tips that will enhance the use of toners.

Celebrities »

Nov 10 2008 | One Comment
Raymond Lam

As of this moment, it’s hard to not see Raymond Lam (Chinese name: 林峰) all over Hong Kong media. Trained by the TVB Broadcasting Company in acting, Lam has found himself in many television drama works over the years but it wasn’t until last year’s television drama 溏心風暴 (Heart of Greed) and this year’s 溏心風暴之家好月圓 (Moonlight Resonance) that propelled Lam’s popularity to heights unimaginable.

Alongside with acting, Lam has also shown great talent in singing. With good packaging, production and marketing by his record company EEG, Lam has also managed to …

Current Events »

Nov 5 2008 | No Comment
California Proposition 8

In many ways, I think our country has come quite far with Obama’s victory for presidency of the United States. The fact that at one point in our country’s history, blacks whom were considered inferior now in this day and age can become the president of this country really amazes and gives me faith that this is a country that is willing to embrace progression, improvement and change for the needs and rights of the people.
Therefore It saddens me that there was such a ballot as the Californian Proposition 8 …

Personal Hygiene »

Nov 3 2008 | No Comment
Oral Care

The Basics
We’re all quite keen on keeping our skin clean and looking fresh but are we all practicing good oral hygiene? A clean mouth is a sexy mouth, so be sure to keep it that way. Most gaysians simply brush their teeth twice a day and leave it at that, however, according to the dentist he recommends that:

You brush with a soft headed brush as oppose to a medium headed brush.
After each brush, you gargle with mouthwash.
You get into the habit of flossing once a day or at least three …

Fashion »

Nov 2 2008 | One Comment
The Polo Shirt

The gaysian typically owns many polo shirts in his closet and if he doesn’t, he should at least own a few because the polo shirt is a shirt that never goes out of style and will usually always look good on the gaysian male.

In terms of the polo, it’s always good to keep in mind that when wearing a polo, the polo should always be darker than the pants you match it with. By dressing this way, it will allow the gaysian to look balanced and have more of a …