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Nov 26 2008 | No Comment
Applying Toner

The gaysian knows that before you moisturize your face you should always apply toner so that your skin can absorb the moisturizer better. Here are some tips that will enhance the use of toners.

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Nov 3 2008 | No Comment
Oral Care

The Basics
We’re all quite keen on keeping our skin clean and looking fresh but are we all practicing good oral hygiene? A clean mouth is a sexy mouth, so be sure to keep it that way. Most gaysians simply brush their teeth twice a day and leave it at that, however, according to the dentist he recommends that:

You brush with a soft headed brush as oppose to a medium headed brush.
After each brush, you gargle with mouthwash.
You get into the habit of flossing once a day or at least three …

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Oct 30 2008 | No Comment
Trimming Your Leg Hairs

For the gaysian that wants to have a clean look when they wear shorts it’s best to trim your leg hairs every so often. Perhaps many will say, “What are you talking about? Leg hairs are sexy!” That maybe true… but to an extent. If your leg hairs are long, curly and looking like weeds growing out of an uncontrollable garden the sexy factor definitely diminishes a bit. Leg hairs grow much slower than facial hair so you only have to do the following about once a month. In doing …