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3 November 2008 No Comment

The Basics

We’re all quite keen on keeping our skin clean and looking fresh but are we all practicing good oral hygiene? A clean mouth is a sexy mouth, so be sure to keep it that way. Most gaysians simply brush their teeth twice a day and leave it at that, however, according to the dentist he recommends that:

  • You brush with a soft headed brush as oppose to a medium headed brush.
  • After each brush, you gargle with mouthwash.
  • You get into the habit of flossing once a day or at least three times a week at the minimum.
  • Chewing sugarless gum after meals.

Fairly easy tips aye? A tip that I can share with you guys (One that doesn’t come from my dentist) is that I have a habit of scraping my tongue with my teeth while brushing in the morning right before I gargle with mouthwash to promote fresher breath.

The Dreaded Yellow Teeth

For those who exhibit yellow or “off-white” teeth should observe their everyday lifestyle. Are you eating or drinking foods that would stain your teeth? In addition, are you an avid smoker? If you are answering yes, then it’s best to curb such habits as smoking and in terms of foods that would stain your teeth, immediately brushing after consumption of such foods should help. Unfortunately, if you feel helpless with your teeth and would like to consider teeth whitening, The Gaysian is quite lukewarm about home kits however, doing it professionally at a dentist’s office, that is what we would highly recommend. As it is a large sum to spend, it will depend on the person if there is value in doing so.

The Forgotten Lips

If you were to take your lips and rub it against the back of your hand, would it feel like sandpaper rubbing against your hands? If you answered no, you are one lucky gaysian. If you answered yes, then it’s time to do something about it, as most guys would have no real interest in kissing sandpaper.

During the daytime, it’s highly recommended to always carry around a lip balm that contains some sort of SPF in it. Experts recommend to use a organic type lip balm with SPF, though, I myself just use a generic brand that contains SPF in it.

At night before sleeping, it’s recommended to put a thick layer of Vaseline onto your lips. (In this editor’s case, he uses Carmex rather than Vaseline). The day after, while brushing your teeth, you can do a quick brush around the lips to reveal fresh kissable red lips.

Keep up with the habit and you’ll have guys lining up to kiss you!

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