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May 7 2009 | No Comment
“Queer&Asian” A Documentary

“Queer&Asian” is an upcoming documentary film by film maker Ken Takeuchi that sets out to compile stories of queer gaysians in the New York City area. Production has yet to be completed so if anyone is interested in sharing their story, please make sure to contact Ken by visiting the documentary’s official website. Below is a description of the project itself taken from the website:
Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Asian and Pacific Islanders in the U.S. face a reality, where they are subjected to racial stereotypes and prejudice in the …

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Feb 17 2009 | 2 Comments
The Voice of China’s LGBT Community- Wu Youjian

In the Phoenix Network (鳳凰衛視) TV talk show “Shehui Neng Jiandu” (社會能見度) Wu Youjian, a retired editor based in Guangzhou explains that her son’s coming out of the closet gave her the feeling of responsibility for speaking out on LGBT issues in China because she understood that homosexuality is not a sickness and that LGBT people are just like their straight counterparts. With help from people, Wu has created a large presence for herself over the internet by blogging because she felt that the LGBT community in China needed a voice and needed to be heard.

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Feb 2 2009 | No Comment
Chinese gay couple on “A Date with Luyu”

魯豫有約 or in English, A Date with Luyu is a highly rated Oprah-esque format TV show shown on the 鳳凰衛視 Phoenix Channel network in mainland China. In this particular episode, Luyu interviews two gaysian couples who had unofficially married in China back in the 80s. In the video they tell their amazing story of how they met and dealt with being gay in traditional China.