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Oct 30 2008 | One Comment

Another favorite website of gaysians is the site Fridae.com. In terms of cruisiness, Fridae will have to hands down be a bit more cruisy than Downelink. Cruisy may it be, if you wanted to find a place where all the gaysians gather online it will have to be this site. Naturally being that it was founded in Singapore, it has a large user base in Singapore. However, it’s global user base seems to be growing everyday as we speak.
One unique aspect of Fridae is the ability for users to …

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Oct 30 2008 | No Comment
Trimming Your Leg Hairs

For the gaysian that wants to have a clean look when they wear shorts it’s best to trim your leg hairs every so often. Perhaps many will say, “What are you talking about? Leg hairs are sexy!” That maybe true… but to an extent. If your leg hairs are long, curly and looking like weeds growing out of an uncontrollable garden the sexy factor definitely diminishes a bit. Leg hairs grow much slower than facial hair so you only have to do the following about once a month. In doing …

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Oct 30 2008 | No Comment

If there was one thing that gaysians love, it’s definitely the Downelink.com website. Given our cheap frugal Asian values, we tend to fully immerse ourselves in things that are free… and that we do! Touted as the “Myspace” for the LGBT community, there is for some reason a huge gaysian community on Downelink. While the website is not as “smart” as Facebook or even Myspace at that, Downelink is always a fun surf when you’re feeling bored at night. While not as cruisy or scandalous as Manhunt or Gay.com, as …