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Jun 29 2009 | No Comment
Wonder Girls

If you thought that it was only Utada and BoA having their try at the mainstream American music scene, thing again. If there’s one pop sensation to keep an eye out on, it’s definitely the Wonder Girls. The Wonder Girls are currently recycling their Korean #1 hits in the states in hopes to make it big here. Is there hope? We at TheGaysian.com definitely think so. If you don’t know who the Wonder Girls, may we suggest you go immediately now to Youtube and search for songs Tell Me (Tell …

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Jun 29 2009 | No Comment
Sex on the Net

Please note that the subject matter in this article are not suitable for those ages 18 and under.
If you’ve ever sat in the audience of the broadway show Avenue Q, we’re more than sure that when the cast began to sing the song The Internet is For Porn, the entire theater had bursted into laughter. The laughter and amusement taken away from that number makes it more than apparent that sex and the internet comes hand in hand. As with most things in life, as long as we keep a …