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Jun 29 2009 | No Comment
Wonder Girls

If you thought that it was only Utada and BoA having their try at the mainstream American music scene, thing again. If there’s one pop sensation to keep an eye out on, it’s definitely the Wonder Girls. The Wonder Girls are currently recycling their Korean #1 hits in the states in hopes to make it big here. Is there hope? We at TheGaysian.com definitely think so. If you don’t know who the Wonder Girls, may we suggest you go immediately now to Youtube and search for songs Tell Me (Tell …

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Mar 31 2009 | One Comment
Utada Hikaru – “This is the One” Album Review

A favorite among gaysians, Utada is taking another stab at trying to break into the American market. What do we at TheGaysian.com think? We absolutely love it! While personally I’ve always felt that Deep River was one of the most richest albums [in sound] I’ve ever laid my hands on in all aspects- album packaging, song writing, song arrangement and sound, it really disappointed me that later albums Ultra Blue and Heart Station all contained a very simplistic sound with not much emphasis on rich sounds.

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Dragon Ball the Movie?
Dec 11 2008 | No Comment
Dragon Ball the Movie?

For the typical Gaysian that grew up in the 90’s, chances are if you grew up in a neighborhood that was saturated with fellow Asians, Dragon Ball Z more or less was a part of your life. Since DBZ wasn’t broadcasted on American TV, you’d have to live with what you got on blurry VHS tapes. Fast forward to only a few years ago, finally America has picked up DBZ and even has it dubbed into English. America seeing that DBZ is somewhat profitable is now releasing it as a …